[pmwiki-users] FixFlow, Gemini and Triad skin demonstrations broken.

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Thu Sep 28 09:47:45 CDT 2006

Stirling Westrup <sti <at> pooq.com> writes:

> The change to relative links has broken most of the feature
> demonstration links in the Cookbook/FixFlowSkin Cookbook/TriadSkin 
> and Cookbook/GeminiSkin pages.

Since I haven't noticed Hans around recently, I took the liberty of 
trying to fix this.  Hopefully I got fixed everything (and didn't 
break anything). Hans, if you are around, I apologize for butting in.

Basically, all I did was change references from {$Var} to {*$Var} for 
Group, Name and FullName in the various menu pages used by Triad, 
Gemini and Fixflow, which include:

Site.PageFooter and

I would appreciate a second look at the changes I had on the first and 
last entries:

(1) On SitePageHeader, I did not change {$View} to {*$View}, but perhaps
I should have.  (View is used to track changes to the text size feature 
that appears in the header with + and - buttons and a BigView, SmallView.

(2) One Site.Gemini-EditForm there is so much there, I question whether I 
missed anything (and whether any of the Name, FullName (and Group) 
references should have been left alone.


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