[pmwiki-users] (? for PM?) Re: Overview over all passwords

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Thu Sep 28 09:32:47 CDT 2006

On Sep 28, 2006, at 10:07 AM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> Part of the challenge is that there's a fair bit of password
> information that needs to be displayed.  We generally want to know:
>    - if a password is set
>    - if a password comes from a per-page, per-group, or site-wide  
> password
>    - if a particular action is coming from a "cascaded" password
>      (e.g., setting a 'read' password also implies that the same
>      password is needed for 'edit')
> Coming up with a useful way to summarize all of this information has
> thus far been a bit of a challenge... so I'm open for suggestions.

your table works, but I would put an "All" and I would group the list  
by the groups -- which allows you to speak about the group itself.

If you take your page and make multiple tables -- one per group --  
and at the top you have one Global/All with its permissions...

Then it would be:

1-row table with info for the entire wiki

table -- first row is entire group setting


And if you want to get fancy with anchors at the top ;) ....

However, what happens if multiple items are set for a page?  I could  
have a Main.HomePage.php in my local/, and have a Group attribute  
set, and have a page attr set.

1) which is the active one?  which are redundant? -- i.e. order of  
2) how to display multiple settings per page/group -- since you can  
define the passwords in several ways.
3) pages that don't have settings, or don't override other settings,  
should be omitted from the list...  if I say the Main group has a  
restriction, it's obvious all pages under Main have a restriction  
unless overridden.  Otherwise you just have a really long list with  
unnecessary info?
4) correlary to #3 -- you should be able to either choose to show all  
5) in addition have an option to sorta invert the list: what pages  
are unprotected?


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