[pmwiki-users] (? for PM?) Re: Overview over all passwords

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Sep 28 09:07:21 CDT 2006

On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 09:41:05AM -0400, Crisses wrote:
>    On Sep 28, 2006, at 4:53 AM, Mike wrote:
>    : I'm getting a bit confused about all the passwords I've set: site-wide
>    : passwords, group-wide exceptions, individual page passwords, upload
>    : password etcetc. Is there any way to list all the passwords that
>    : currently apply to my wiki?
>    [...]
>    As for per-page or per-group ?action=attr settings, I don't think there's
>    an overall site password view.  While it sounds like an excellent idea --
>    so you find out if a wiki vandal set a password on a page, etc. -- I don't
>    think it's planned for addition to the core.  

FWIW, it *is* planned for addition to the core, it just lacks
an implementation.  My current thinking is that there will be
a set of page variables that can be used in pagelists that
show the current password status of pages.

Part of the challenge is that there's a fair bit of password
information that needs to be displayed.  We generally want to know:

   - if a password is set
   - if a password comes from a per-page, per-group, or site-wide password
   - if a particular action is coming from a "cascaded" password
     (e.g., setting a 'read' password also implies that the same
     password is needed for 'edit')

Coming up with a useful way to summarize all of this information has
thus far been a bit of a challenge... so I'm open for suggestions.
>    Maybe a custom pagelist of some type could be created where the page
>    variable for password is listed along with the pages?  

Some time ago I put together a preliminary version of something like
this at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/test/AuthList, but I'm not too
happy with the output format.  It seems like there ought to be a better
way to do it.


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