[pmwiki-users] (:subpage:) directive

Daniele Pizzocchero daniel at cfmc.com
Thu Sep 28 04:58:46 CDT 2006


I am using the SubgroupMarkup recipe and when I place (:subpage:) on my 
page it seems the directive has no effect: I get in fact the string 
"(:subpage:)" displayed on the page.

This is what I have:


*[[web stuff --> ,DanieleWebStuff]]
*[[multi language stuff --> ,DanieleMultiLanguageStuff]]

The subgroup markups work ok, but I seem not able to get "On display, 
the subpage directive generates a button allowing a reader to toggle 
between showing and hiding the contents of the subpages as part of the 
parent page" (as per the docs on 

Any ideas?



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