[pmwiki-users] Skin Search - PM plz reply...

JB jbit at ev1.net
Wed Sep 27 12:21:13 CDT 2006

> But ultimately I haven't figured out what problem the "continue
> scanning other skin directories" approach you're advocating
> is intending to solve.

The problem that can be solved is to make placement of a skin
more flexible. 

A skin .tmpl and .css file can be palced in the same directory.
When you move the .tmpl file out of the directory to another
it could keep searching the array and find where it is located.

$SkinLibDirs = array(
          "./pub/skins/\$Skin" => "$PubDirUrl/skins/\$Skin",
     "$FarmD/pub/skins/\$Skin" => "$PubDirUrl/skins/\$Skin",
     "$FarmD/pub/skins/\$Skin" => "$FarmPubDirUrl/skins/\$Skin");

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