[pmwiki-users] Skin Search - PM plz reply...

JB jbit at ev1.net
Wed Sep 27 11:45:16 CDT 2006


Thanks for responding.

  > The mental model I've been using for skins is that
  > a skin is a directory containing a .tmpl file along
  > with any other related files that may be needed for 
  > the skin.

Too easy to make a wise crack about "mental model" 
so I will hold myself back on that one.  :)

All skin files do not have to be in the same directory.  
This contradicts why you created $SkinLibDirs in the 
first place!  See URL:


  > This is especially true since it's possible for a single 
  > skin to make use of more than one .tmpl file.
  > While "it should keep trying the other directories" is
  > a valid view of the way things could work, I've deliberately
  > chosen the current model in order to simplify troubleshooting 
  > and development of skins, especially in wikifarm environments.

An administrator should be able to handle this kind of 
troubleshooting and development, it is not much more difficult
than using the local config.php and a farmconfig.php at the 
same time.  Having multiple .tmpl files in a skin directory 
is way more complicated than this!

  > It would be very annoying if PmWiki fails to report an error
  > in a local skin just because there happens to be a farm skin 
  > that works.  

This is just the same as how a local wiki config.php has precedence 
over a farmconfig.php.

The model:

    With 3 directories:

    (PUBLIC local wiki skin directory)

    (PUBLIC farm skin directory)

    (NOT PUBLIC farm skin directory)

1  public localwiki directory for .tmpl & .css

2  private farm directory for .tmpl + public localwiki directory for

3  private farm directory for .tmpl + public farm directory for .css

An error message can be accumulated for each. After scanning all 
array entries and not finding a skin an error message can display
the accumulated messages.

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