[pmwiki-users] Understanding PmWiki

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Wed Sep 27 10:56:15 CDT 2006

Hi all,
sorry for the bunch of questions in recent days. I'm trying to more
fully understand the syntax of advanced PmWiki markup.

However, I don't find what I need in the documentation. E.g., I'm trying
to *understand* (not just slightly modify) the markup of Site.PageActions:

* %item              class=browse   
accesskey='$[ak_view]'%[[{*$FullName} | $[View] ]]
* %item rel=nofollow class=edit     
accesskey='$[ak_edit]'%[[{*$FullName}?action=edit | $[Edit] ]]
* %item rel=nofollow class=diff     
accesskey='$[ak_history]'%[[{*$FullName}?action=diff | $[History] ]]
(:if auth upload:)
* %item rel=nofollow class=upload   
accesskey='$[ak_attach]'%[[{*$FullName}?action=upload | $[Attach] ]]
* %item rel=nofollow class=print    
accesskey='$[ak_print]'%[[{*$FullName}?action=print | $[Print] ]]

Some of my questions:
* What does "%item" stand for?
* What is this "class=" for?
* Where are accesskeys defined?
* Why are the brackets around the "clean text" like around "[Attach]"?
* Why is the $ sign before that like in $[Attach]?

Thanks for any hints,

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