[pmwiki-users] Help with FAST Data Recipe

Bhavinkumar Panchal bhavinkumar.panchal at jcu.edu.au
Wed Sep 27 03:28:40 CDT 2006

Help me Folks please,

I am using FAST Data recipe for my setup of wiki.

there is one issue with FAST Data recipe's data.php file.. has one function used 

it was giving me error like "undefined function ..........."
then i commented it out and it worked perfect.

Now, I am able to hit submit button and i can see the data written on the destination data-page.(by manually typing in the address bar, the location of the page)

But i am not able to retrieve the data written on the data-page.
i tried (:data Data-mypagename:)
it suppose to allow too use the variables as page variable.
but i am not even able to use as a page variable.

finally i tried with including whole "Data-mypagename" file(I dont need to worry about security of the system)
, even though i am not able to retrieve data.

Please help me
please help me


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