[pmwiki-users] Two quick questions

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Sep 26 16:18:09 CDT 2006

I've been going through the FAST Data recipe, thinking about how the
new approach to using page variables will affect it.  Had a quick

Is there anyway to block data from being read from protected pages?
For example, if I store passwords as Password: mypass  in some data
page, I can set the read permissions to admin to keep out prying eyes.
 But if a text variable is used to call the value, it would be
displayed by anyone that wanted to see it.

Can the text variables be blocked based on page permissions?  And if
so, can they still be made available (searchable) in pagelists?
Perhaps the EnablePagelistProtect variable (forget he exact variable
name) would serve in this.  Just checking as it hadn't occurred to me
this could be a problem, especially on sites using open editing.

Second, I have a php question.  In a php recipe is there a way to use
a string replacement function that takes part of the first pattern and
inserts it into the second.  For example, I like to be able to take:

text {field} more text

and get for the output

text $_POST[field] more text.

(Actually I want the value of $_POST[field].  If anyone could explain
how to do this up it would be greatly appreciated.  I won't know what
all the field names will be in this situation, as they are generated
dynamically in various ways.

Thanks in advance!


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