[pmwiki-users] Active Directory authentication

Schmidgall, David david.schmidgall at superior-ind.com
Tue Sep 26 13:01:22 CDT 2006

Hello PMWiki Users,


We are running 2.2.0-beta2 of PMWiki and trying to configure authuser to
connect to a Microsoft Windows 2003 Active Directory environment.  The
settings in our config.php are below:


$AuthUser['ldap'] =

$AuthLDAPBindDN = 'cn=UserAccount,cn=Users,dc=siom,dc=cc';

$AuthLDAPBindPassword = 'Password goes here';


If I change the password to something incorrect for the
LDAPBindPassword, when I attempt to log into PMWiki I get:


Warning: ldap_bind() [function.ldap-bind]: Unable to bind to server:
Invalid credentials in D:\Inetpub\wiki.siom.cc\si\scripts\authuser.php
on line 121


If I change the LDAPBindPassword to the correct password, I do not get
any error but the Name/password not recognized is displayed above the
login and I am unable to authenticate.   Would this assume our LDAP bind
is working?  Are there any steps we need to take to in the Site.AuthUser
besides adding user accounts and assigning to the appropriate wiki
groups?  Does anyone have any ideas on how to further troubleshooting






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