[pmwiki-users] Magazine . . .

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 11:50:57 CDT 2006

Pm's set up the Magazine group, and linked to the earlier discussions.

I took the liberty of scanning the postings to sift out a list of
article categories, suggested article submission methods, and
suggested articles. I posted the compilation of my findings on
Magazine.Magazine in "Condensed Summary".[1] The data published are
meant to be inclusive, but I tried to keep out redundancies.

I see a need for a few pages once we get going that I would like to
recommend. I listed those pages on the Magazine page as well (see
"Support Pages").

I believe the TOC recipe (or its core equivolent) would be a
nice-to-have for the Magazine.

Ben Wilson

[1]: http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Magazine/Magazine

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