[pmwiki-users] Multiple CategoryGroups: 404 header

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 10:58:25 CDT 2006

--- Petko Yotov <5ko at free.fr> wrote:

> I would like to have five or six Category groups
> (Tags, ProjectCategory, 
> ContactCategory...) but unless for the original
> "Category.*" I always recieve 
> a "404 Not found" header and a default text.
> The links [[?Tag]] to Tag/ group do work as
> "existing page link" like [[!Cat]] 
> for Category/, but when I get there, the header is
> always 404 and the text is 
> like:
>   The page "Tag" doesn't exist. (Create Tag.Tag).
> There is a Tag/GroupFooter, just like
> Category/GroupFooter.
> How can I fix this? Is it possible to have more than
> one category group?

This probably won't answer all of your questions, but
to help you, read this:

it will probably give you the ideas on how to do it. 
And if you succeed, it would probably make a nice new


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