[pmwiki-users] problem with UserAuth

Ben Stallings Ben at InterdependentWeb.com
Tue Sep 26 09:05:00 CDT 2006

Florian Fischer wrote,

> First i granted edit rights to a user by saying:
> edit
> Well this worked fine. But today i tried to specify these rights by 
> saying
> edit_group-GroupName
> This worked out as well.
> But suddenly it doesn?t work.
> The only thing which works is
> edit_all

One of the less intuitive things about UserAuth is that granting a 
privilege to any user will effectively deny that privilege to all other 
users.  So when you gave edit_group privs to one user, that overrode the 
global edit privs on the other user.  So the other user now needs to 
either be edit_group-GroupName as well, or edit_all.  Hope this helps. 

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