[pmwiki-users] tracking page deletion

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Tue Sep 26 07:44:20 CDT 2006

Kathryn Andersen wrote:
> I'm using the page deletion recipe
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/DeleteAction
> with AuthUser so that one has to be logged in with edit privileges to
> be able to delete a page, but unfortunately some of my users have
> deleted important pages (presumably by accident) and I had to go and
> restore them by hand (by renaming the PageName,del-timestamp file back to
> the original PageName).

The fact that there is no easy 'undo' for the DeleteAction recipe has
caused me to stop using it. A shame too, because I usually find it a
convenience but I have occasionally oopsed with it and then its more
trouble than its worth.

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