[pmwiki-users] pmwiki-2.2.0-beta1 released

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Mon Sep 25 19:54:50 CDT 2006

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> I've just released pmwiki-2.2.0-beta1,
> The big change in this version over previous versions is the
> treatment of links and page variables inside of (:include:)'d
> pages -- previously, all links and page variables (e.g., [[link]]
> and {$Name}) were treated as relative to the currently displayed 
> page, but in this version it's possible to make them relative to 
> the included page.  
> The {*$var} form is primarily for use in utility pages such as
> Site.PageActions and Site.EditForm, where we want to be able to
> refer to "the currently displayed page" as opposed to the Site.*
> pages that contain the page variable markups.  That means that
> {$var} is then free to take on values of "the included page",
> which seems to be what authors naturally expect.
> However, because there are a lot of existing sites and pages that
> may depend on the current meaning of {$var}, we'll have
> a transition period where the PmWiki default will continue to be 
> that {$var} is a value of the currently displayed page.  (I.e.,
> {$var} is the same as {*$var}.)
> This is just a temporary transition period, to give people some
> breathing room to convert existing pages, recipes, and customizations
> to switch any absolute {$var} to be {*$var} instead.  For most
> sites there shouldn't be too many of these -- typically they occur in
>     Site.PageActions
>     Site.EditForm
>     SideBar pages with ?action= links to the current page
>     $GroupHeaderFmt and $GroupFooterFmt
> Sites that want to see the effect of relative page vars can set
>     $EnableRelativePageVars = 1;

After upgrading one site with no major issues (but lots of links and 
conditionals that needed to be changed from {$var} to {*$var} I am 
running into problems on a second site.  The problem is that my revised 
markup {*$var} is being rendered as {*$Name} and on urls as Name.

For example, a page action of {*$Name}?action=edit, triggers a url that 
end as:


and opens a new page with the following message:

The page "Test.Name" doesn't exist. (Create {*Test.FullName})

If I just enter the markup "Name: {*$Name}" on a page, PmWiki renders:

Name: {*$Name}

The results do not change when I toggle the $EnableRelativePageVars =1;

Maybe one of the files in my second install simply was not have copied 
over to my server.  Is there are particular file I should look at?



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