[pmwiki-users] ?action=login, IIS and PHP

Pierre Racine Pierre.Racine at sbf.ulaval.ca
Mon Sep 25 17:20:27 CDT 2006

Strangely if I change the line:

	if (!$auth && ($called > 1 || !@$_REQUEST[session_name()])) return;
	if (!$auth && $called > 1) return;

everything starts working again...

I tried assigning $_REQUEST[session_name()] to a temporary variable and replacing it in the expression like this:

	$sname = $_REQUEST[session_name()];
	if (!$auth && ($called > 1 || !$sname)) return;

but strangely this doesn't work either. $sname is empty. If I remove it from the expression like this:

	$sname = $_REQUEST[session_name()];
	if (!$auth && ($called > 1)) return;

$sname has a value... This is weird!

Is this change safe? What is the purpose of this line?


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> Objet : [pmwiki-users] ?action=login, IIS and PHP
> Hi list,
> I'm implementing a AuthUser PmWiki with the Triad skin. I have "login" and "logout" buttons looking
> like this:
> (:if authid :)
> [[{$FullName}?action=logout | $[Logout] {$AuthId}]]
> (:if ! authid :)
> [[{$FullName}?action=login | $[Login] ]]
> (:ifend:)
> Everything works fine on the Apache and IIS (with PHP 4.3.3) servers on my machine. I installed it
> on the Department server (IIS
> with PHP 4.3.10) and everything goes fine until I turn on the Triad Skin. After this, the logout
> button never appears even after
> login in. The "?action=login" option just stop working properly. Worse, if I get back to the PmWiki
> skin, commenting out "$Skin =
> 'triad';", "?action=login" does not work any more, even though it was working with this PmWiki skin
> before. It's like the triad skin
> broke something indefinitely. This problem does not happen with the IIS/PHP setup on my machine.
> This must be related to a different configuration on the Department server and my IIS setup, but
> which one? I will try to configure
> mine exactly like the Department one. I hope to be able to reproduce the bug...
> Any idea?
> Pierre
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