[pmwiki-users] new page attribute

Henrik Bechmann henrik.bechmann at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 25 13:06:32 CDT 2006


I would like to add a page attribute named "summary", so that I can have 
a text box for article summaries on my edit form, and so that I can 
create a page variable for page summaries like this:

$FmtPV['$ArticleSummary'] = '$page["summary"]';

This in turn would allow me to test for the presence of a summary for 
inclusion in Site Map (ie pagelist) and rss output.

Is there a legitimate way to do this?


- Henrik

PS I see (:title:) as being a few words, (:description:) as being a 
sentence, and Summary as being a short paragraph.


Henrik Bechmann
Webmaster, www.dufferinpark.ca

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