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Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Mon Sep 25 12:55:49 CDT 2006

On Sep 25, 2006, at 12:28 PM, Ben Wilson wrote:

> Document = Group
> Page = Part
> <H2> (!!) = Section (Example. 1.1 Sub-page)
> <H3> (!!!) = Sub-Section (Example. 1.1.1. Sub-sub-page).
> ...
> Beyond this, IMO you do not need to further organize your document.

I meant to post to the list but answered the parent post with the  
wrong account:

I suggested this as well, but can you auto-generate a table of  
contents/pagelist using either headers or anchors as embedded  
portions of the list -- or is it now time for a new Table of Contents  
recipe :)

In other words, can you specify in a pagelist whether you want  
headers/anchors linked-to, and have them in the list up to, say, 5 deep?

I can see where this would be not only helpful but qualify for new  
fun gizmo status ;)

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