[pmwiki-users] Use PmWiki for Blog and Gallery

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Mon Sep 25 09:32:33 CDT 2006

I'm seriously considering using PmWiki as the engine for my "normal"
webpage, i.e. actually I'd not require most of the wiki functionality.

However, there's two features I currently have and don't want to miss.
Is it possible to have these with PmWiki?

1) Comments: I want users of any page to be able to leave comments on my
page. The potential problem that I see is that they shouldn't be able to
edit my pages, i.e. they wouldn't get an edit passwd, however how could
it then be possible to leave comments on the very page? Any way around
this or a working example I could look at?

2) Pic gallery: I want an *easy* and convienent possibility to upload a
batch of pictures, have them automatically (i.e. without having to
insert each of them individually in some source code) added to an index
page, and when the user clicks a thumbnail, he gets the full-size view
and again a possibility to comment.

Thanks for your help and the great script!


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