[pmwiki-users] AddDeleteLine 2.0beta6

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 24 13:43:38 CDT 2006

On Sunday 24 September 2006 06:34, you wrote:

> > I will also send you a working addition of multi values which needs (and
> > includes) the above mentioned fixes to work  (2.0beta6M2).  
> There's a problem with the (:adl delrange:) and the (:adl delete:)
> statement. The purpose of $linekey is, to create a unique ID for each 
> entry, so  that the AdlDeleteHandler is able to identify the range or the
> line of the delete-button that has  been pressed. Your code is now 
> using the same $linekey for all entries that have been  added due the 
> to array field.  This means, if you have a (:delete:)-button in there, it
> will remove all  entries. This is probably not what you want, or at 
> least it is not what I would expect. 
> I feel the urge to fix that somehow, but I actually have to do something
> else, so can you have a look at it?

Well I can probably fix that if you want.  I have no need to delete in my
case, and I can see a valid desire to do it both ways:  deleting lines 
individually or all together since it was one submission.  Not having a need 
for the delete myself in this case, I think it might be hard to predict 
the "correct" behavior, maybe both should be possible.  I will look into it 
more. Feel free to hold off on incorporating the multi insertion changes 
until a better delete solution is proposed/achieved.

> I fixed another bug: The urlencode() kind of ensure that no
> markup-commands where inserted into the "adltemplate" field directly.
> Now I noticed, that the markup engine had modified the (:adl delrange:)
> code to HTML, when it was inserted from a template page. The "Keep()"
> was missing.

Ah yes, I meant to sort those out too and forgot.

> I'd actually like to have a suite of regression tests that I can run in
> order to find out about those things before I publish a new version. Do
> you have any idea on how to do that?

Well, your recipe is a little harder than some, but what I try to do is simply 
setup a test wiki with various pages that are supposed to what I expect.

> PS: I don't think all of this has to be discussed on the list. It's
> pretty much overloaded already...

Hmm, I disagree, I think that as lons as things are properly threaded people 
will appreciate it.  Others are interested in your recipe and some of the 
technical details too.  Since the list is overloaded as you say, people 
should be used to reading only the threads that interest them.  Only poor 
Patrick seems to read them all! :)


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