[pmwiki-users] AddDeleteLine version 2.0beta2

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 24 12:29:50 CDT 2006

--- The Editor <editor at fast.st> wrote:

> My question is, what exactly did you do to ADL
> Martin?  I couldn't follow your explanations of 
> the improvements you are making?  :)

Mainly encoding/decoding issues.  Did you need more
info on that? ...or on the stuff below.

>  And I'm still curious how you pass in multiple
> radio boxes.  
> Or some sample code you could show me?

I think that Nils posted it in another message.
Ask again if you need more. :)

> PS.  Oh, Nils, and as for Target fields, why not
> just pass the
> NextPage variable into the form through a hidden
> field also?  I set
> both the NextPage and DataPage variables that way
> and have a nifty
> little FixPage function that introduces lots of fun
> shortcuts.

Well, he is, effectively. He uses n="Pagename" the
same way that pmwiki does for edit fields.


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