[pmwiki-users] Planning for 2.2.0

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Sun Sep 24 08:37:03 CDT 2006

"I saw another multiple-use item -- it was a hamburger flipper/fly  
swatter! ... Remember what we had?  That 7x15 tent, said 'Sleeps 8  
comfortably.'  -- yeah -- if you're SYBIL."
   -- Bill Engvall

On Sep 24, 2006, at 7:40 AM, Joachim Durchholz wrote:

> Crisses schrieb:
> I don't think anything in the area of line break handling will or  
> should
> be obsoleted in PmWiki anytime soon. And even *if* any changes are  
> ever
> implemented here, PmWiki should remain backwards compatible unless  
> there
> are *very* compelling reasons to do otherwise, of which I don't see  
> any
> right now.
> In other words: I think we're in violent agreement here :-)


> Don't let them be derided by labelling them as "crazy ideas", or by
> alleging that these people "do not understand the most basic  
> aspects of
> writing".

Certainly not.  I didn't catch those...

If everyone sticks to talking about themself they're never going to  
be wrong. :)  Note below, how I speak about MY opinions and  
experience.  I guess I could be wrong, but BOY would it be a  
challenge for anyone (even me) to prove it.

> Especially not if PM reports the entire issue as 50:50
> contentious - I know that 50% can still be very wrong, but I don't  
> think
> that applies in cases like this one.

I personally am split 50/50 on the issue right from the starting  
gate.  The way it stands, it's a pain in the butt for poems, great  
for tossing an email up on my wiki.  Which one I do more often was  
probably directly influenced by how easy it was to toss an email up  
on the list vs how hard it was to put a poem up :P  I haven't written  
many poems since I have been putting them online.  Even with PRE tags  
on static pages, it was too much of a pain.  So for the last 10 years  
I just haven't been writing many poems -- which is a real shame,  
because I was quite prolific for 20 years.

I need to implement the magic box theory so that I can just copy /  
paste them into a wiki.  That might get my creative juices flowing  

> My reply to Marc was aimed at taking heat out of the thread; it  
> seems I
> was too heated myself instead. Please take my sincere apologies for  
> that.

I'm ok with that. :)

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