[pmwiki-users] Comment Password (was: 2.2 Series & Blog/comments)

Nils Knappmeier nk at knappi.org
Sat Sep 23 11:23:28 CDT 2006


I hope I'm not asking anything now, that was already discussed here.
> I understand this. I wrote a little recipe (for my own education)
> where the reader could rate a comment without being able to edit the
> page. Sort of a read+ ability. I would opine that this would be a
> "comment" permission in the core, or "limited add only." This has a
> lot of utility for recipe authors.
In the discussion on the AddDeleteLine(v1) page in the cookbook, some 
people said that they would like to be able to collect the data that was 
inserted on an internal page, so that the collected data could not be 
read by anyone.

I will probably modify AddDeleteLine so that it verifies the 'comment' 
password instead of the 'edit' password, when PmWiki 2.2 is there. so 
the question is: Will it then be possible to 'read'-protect a page, yet 
leave the opportunity to 'comment' a page?
Or differently: Will the process of 'commenting' a page involve 
'reading' this page?

Right now, when you know the 'edit' password, but not the 'read' 
password of a page, you can still read the source code from the 'edit' 
form. This seems to be reasonable ;-) . But it would be nice to have to 
'comment' password completely seperate from any 'read' action, so that 
you have pages, where people can 'comment', but nobody can read the page 
(even the comments) without knowing the password.

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