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Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Sat Sep 23 07:33:58 CDT 2006

On Sep 22, 2006, at 12:49 PM, James Gotner wrote:

> Not sure if we are supposed to post questions about cookbook  
> recipes here…
> I am trying to figure out where I need to put (:commentbox:)  
> [GroupHeader / GroupFooter / Somewhere else] so that (for an entire  
> site) the layout would be:
> -- All wiki content
> -- Comment box form
> -- Comments with newest first.
>    Is this possible?
> --James
Did your question get lost in the fray? I see that Patrick answered  
something entirely different to you in the thread.  Oops.

Whenever we're deliberating features for a major new jump ahead,  
people post rather quickly and many new posts come up.

Here's your answer:

You want a page like Site.PageFooter.  I'll figure out if it exists :)

I searched pmwiki.org for "site footer" and this page
comes up.  It's not in that list.  So I don't think there's a site- 
wide page like {Group}.GroupFooter

The skin you use MAY define such a page.  It just doesn't seem to be  
part of the core.

Now, how would you do this:  I go into each group and define the  
group footer.  Here's the documentation for this:

NOW I found where the site-wide header/footer is mentioned.  So I'm  
going to point to this in the PmWiki/SitePages.  :)  Because it ought  
to be documented somehow.

You can use the config.php directives as explained:

How do I set one header for all pages/groups?

The header for each page is controlled by the $GroupHeaderFmt  
variable. Thus a site-wide groupheader can be added with
$GroupHeaderFmt = '(:include {$SiteGroup}.SiteHeader:)(:nl:)' .  
(note that single quotes must be used so that $Group (which is part  
of the default contents of $GroupHeaderFmt) will be substituted  
properly by PmWiki, and that this applies to all variables ending in  

And set a single site-wide footer page at Site.SiteFooter if you want  
(or any other page to use as the site-wide footer).

If you want to eliminate certain groups from this -- such as the Site  
and PmWiki groups:

if ($Group != "Site" && $Group != "PmWiki")  {
	$GroupFooterFmt = '(:include Site.SiteFooter)(:nl:)' . $GroupFooterFmt;

Then make Site.SiteFooter look however you want things to appear  
UNDER the wikitext.

Questions?  I haven't used the (:commentbox:) recipe, so maybe  
someone has comments about that part.

Also, you might not want this on other groups, such as Main -- but  
that's up to you :)

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