[pmwiki-users] Planning for 2.2.0

Marc Cooper gmane at auxbuss.com
Sat Sep 23 07:20:13 CDT 2006

Joachim Durchholz said...
> Marc Cooper schrieb:
> > I'd not heard of this, but its advocation of markup treating a line 
> > break as a line break is enough to having me running a mile from it.
> Why?
> Actually I found that attractive.

Because writers and typesetters use line breaks in their text for their 
own purposes, but do not require the text to be presented with those 
line breaks. Wiki markup - like HTML and (La)TeX - are, in effect, 
typesetting languages.

Also, consider performing a copy and paste from one tool to another 
where this crazy rule applied. You would have to re-edit the pasted text 
to correct all the line breaks. I'll send you the text of a novel on 
which to perform this task and I wager that you'll have changed your 
view before the end of chapter one.

In addition, interpreting line breaks in this way would create a problem 
with editors with hard text widths.

Other than WYSINWYG apps, writing tools don't behave in this way.

I'd go as far as to say that the folk who advocated a "standard" syntax 
for a text markup that includes this rule do not understand the most 
basic aspects of the writing process - it's that bad a decision.


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