[pmwiki-users] Planning for 2.2.0

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Fri Sep 22 12:58:16 CDT 2006

On Fri, Sep 22, 2006 at 01:30:43PM -0400, Crisses wrote:
>    On Sep 22, 2006, at 10:16 AM, Jon Haupt wrote:
>      On 9/22/06, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
>        Actually, after sleeping on it an evening, I may go ahead and
>        use (:commentbox:), if it's going to be an optional recipe
>        (along with blogging).
>      I totally agree with this sentiment.  IMHO, if it's part of the core or
>      even an "official" recipe, it makes sense to use the clearest
>      term/markup for that.  I think it makes more sense for other recipes to
>      change to a different markup when there's confusion.
>    It's not my recipe and I feel like someone stepped on my toes ;)
>    Actually, why is it called a "comment box" when it's actually "comment
>    text" and it's the option of the designer whether it shows up in a box or
>    not?  

(:commentbox:) is analogous to PmWiki's existing (:searchbox:),
which displays a form (box) in which an author can enter comments.

(:commentbox:) doesn't display the actual comment text -- that's
performed by virtue of the current page already having comments,
or it being displayed in the current page via (:include:).

We actually had this discussion some time ago on the mailing list,
and the end result was that people decided that (:commentbox:)
was indeed more descriptive and intuitive to authors than
anything else we came up with.

>    I would name it after function and use, or the actions the user is
>    taking, rather than format or visible cues
>    thus: (:commenttext:), (:contribution:), (:contrib:)
>    maybe (:add:)(:say:)(:quip:)(:babble:) even (:respond:) works
>    "Commentbox" is what it looks like, not really what it is that the author
>    is doing.

(:commentbox:) in this context is like (:table:), or even !!!Heading, 
in that it describes the component being added to the current page,
as opposed to what it does.  And the general case is likely to be
that there will be a textarea (i.e., a "box") for entering comments,
with a submit button and maybe a text field for an author name.

But hey, if there's a strong consensus towards another name 
besides (:commentbox:), I can adapt.  :-)


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