[pmwiki-users] sectionedit version 2.1.1 released

Marc Cooper gmane at auxbuss.com
Fri Sep 22 11:51:07 CDT 2006

Karl Loncarek said...
> Hi
> with this version I just removed a comment I forgot resulteing in a not 
> working preview.
> Additionally I fixed the following thing:
> A structure like that
>     	(:title something:)====
> resulted in a missing editsection link, now fixed.
>     	(:if something:)====(:ifend:)
> resulted in an empty section that is added, now fixed.
> Hopefully I now removed all bugs.
> @Pm please activate this version on your page. (Just in case) Thanks.
> Comments welcome..


Here are my settings:

 # only ==== works for marking the beginning of a new section. 
 # $SectionEditWithoutHeaders = true;
 $SectionEditAutoDepth = 5;
 # Set the MediaWiki autosectioning style.
 #$SectionEditMediaWikiStyle = false;
 $SectionEditInIncludes = false;

These are unchanged from the version that I'm currently using, v2.0.3

First, the new version removes (:*toc Table of contents...:) markup

 (:*toc Table of contents...:)

This simply doesn't display with the new version.

In addition, it is stripping off the <h?> tags from headings


!!! List of all items in Marc



<h3>List of all items in Marc</h3>
<div class='rfloat' > 


<p style='margin-top: 0px;'>List of all items in Marc
<div class='vspace'></div><div class='rfloat' > 

Also, sections defined with no space between the !'s and the title text 
lose their first character. So,

  !!Some title

displays as

  ome title

<p style="margin-top: 0px;">ome title


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