[pmwiki-users] Mixed Pagelist results?

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 22 10:55:41 CDT 2006

--- Stirling Westrup <sti at pooq.com> wrote:

> Kathryn Andersen wrote:
> > Um, I thought the whole point of PageListWikiTrail
> is to put a pagelist
> > on a WikiTrail?
> I had forgotten about that recipe, but when I read
> the page, I
> remembered why. It ignores the fmt= option, so it
> can only display
> things as a wikitrail, and I'm building a sidebar
> menu.

I think you must be misunderstanding, you have to take
things one step further.  You must have a TrailPage
with a pagelist on it and other hard coded page links:

(:pagelist ...:)
* [[APage]]
* [[ZPage]]

When you use the PageListWikiTrail the trail on
TrailPage would now consist of the combination of the
pagelist and APage and ZPage.  In other words, if the
pagelist returns 5 pages, the trail would now have 7
of them.

The trick is to now use this trail not as the source
to a wikitrail, but rather as a source to a special
pagelist on another page.  The clever pagelist trail=
option allows you do do this!  So on OutputPage you
write a pagelist like this:

(:pagelist trail=TrailPage fmt=#myformat

The pages returned by this pagelist will be the 7
pages found on the TrailPage (5 from the pagelist and
2 hardcoded.)  Now this pagelist can have any format
that you want and be sorted in any order that you

So while you cannot apply the format directly on
TrailPage, you can apply it on another page,
OutputPage.  Try it, you'll see.  (The only caveat
here is that I am not sure that the recipe is up to
date with the latest pmwiki version, I use a hacked
version of it).



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