[pmwiki-users] FAST Data bug

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Sep 21 20:22:10 CDT 2006

You have to use the textarea markup that comes with FAST Data.  The
standard textarea markup Pm wrote won't let you preset values for
TextAreas, Radio Boxes, SelectBoxes etc.  He said he would revise them
soon, so hopefully I can abandon my markup for his in time.

But anyway, change the one line to this:

(:textarea name=Simile:)(:keep {$Simile}:)(:textareaend:)

And it should work.  But beware of using this on a production site
just yet.  If you put returns in the textarea box it does not seem to
save the data properly in the wiki page.  I can't figure it out for
the life of me.  If you can, PLEASE let me know. I'd be very grateful!
You can also add rows and cols if you wish.


On 9/21/06, Crisses <crisses at kinhost.org> wrote:
> Given:
> ...
> (:input textarea name=Simile:)(:keep {$Simile}:)(:textareaend:)
> (:input hidden savedata
> "Work,Secondary,Author,Publisher,Type,Period,Categories,Simile":)
> (:input submit value="Save Data":)
> (:input end:)
> The $Simile data is outside the text area -- whether or not I use the
> (:keep:) directive.  So I can't just edit what's entered -- I have to
> re-enter it.
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