[pmwiki-users] Mixed Pagelist results?

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Thu Sep 21 19:47:12 CDT 2006

Here's a pagelist feature that I've recently discovered I want, but
doesn't exist. I want to add a specific list of pages/links into a
pagelist's results so that they get sorted and displayed with the
others. The trouble is that I want to display all the entries from a
particular group, plus a few specific pages, plus an external link. For
now, I'm just doing this:

(:pagelist group=Sti name=-Home list=normal fmt=#pagespaced :)
* [[Poetry/|Favorite Poems]]
* [[Memories/]]
* [[Archive:Resume/StirlingWestrup-CV.pdf|Resumé]]

But if I change the fmt= then I need to rewrite the list of links that
follow. Plus the order is not really sorted correctly as the last three
links are out-of-sequence. I suppose what I would like is something like:

list=normal fmt=#pagespaced :)

or something similar. Better yet would be something along the lines of:

(:pagelistbegin group=Sti name=-Home list=normal fmt=#pagespaced :)
[[Poetry/|Favorite Poems]]

And have it merge the list of explicit entries into the found list, or
something like that. I'm not really sure this is important enough to
have a specific fix put into the core (nor can I think up a good
markup), but I thought I would throw the idea out there as pagelists are
being refactored.

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