[pmwiki-users] Tagging sections of pages

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 17:54:53 CDT 2006

--- "Joshua J. Kugler" <joshua at eeinternet.com> wrote:

> What I 
> envision is this: sections of the pages could be
> tagged, and then I could 
> have another page that simply displays all sections
> tagged "sshtunnel." 

Define all of your sshtunnel sections on each page
like this:

... text goes here

Create a simple custom page list template, something
like this:

!!!SSH Tunneling For: [[{=$Group}/{$Name}]]

(:include {=$FullName}#sshtunnel :)


Use the template with a pagelist like this:

(:pagelist group=Server fmt=#sshtunneltemplate:)

Exactly what I originally envisionned the
pagelisttemplates for when designing them! :)

Hope that helps,


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