[pmwiki-users] Old bug still around, FAST Data 2.02 up

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Sep 21 15:18:00 CDT 2006

I just released FAST Data 2.02 with quite a few bug fixes and minor
improvements--though I have one outstanding issue I can't fix. I
didn't bother to list all the changes/fixes but did update the
documentation so it's current.

I do have one big fix I still REALLY need help with before I will
upload my live site or the new FAST Data demo site.  I'd settle for
even a tip on how to go about solving it.  Line breaks!

When I enter text into a textarea with line breaks and save that
variable using WritePage it results in linebreaks in the actual
pagecode (so text=... is not all on one line).  Very bad.

I already have string replacements to change " into " and back,
and ' into ' (then back to ` --not the ideal solution, but it
solves another problem).  Anyway, adding another item to my
replacement array is easy.  I just can't seem to trap the line
returns.  \n doesn't seem to do it.  Below are snippets of the
critical code that might help jog an idea:

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give...


// Here's the function called when the form is submitted

function Data() {

	$nocode = array('"', "'", '\n');
        $encode = array('"', ''', '%0a');

	foreach ($_POST as $field => $value) {

// various functions based on fields go here...  The one below saves
specified fields as
// field="value" pairs.  If one of those fields is a textarea, with
line returns it messes up.
// Note the string replacement

		if (substr($field, 0, 8) == "savedata") {
			$data = "";
			$d = explode(",", $value);
			foreach ($d as $f => $v) {
				$vv = str_replace($nocode, $encode, $_POST[$v]);
				$data .= "$v=\"$vv\" \n\n";

// Here is the SetPage function which writes the page.  All saved
fields are compressed
// into one long string called $data.  Note: I'm using WritePage which
should fix linebreaks.

function SetPage($d) {
	global $WorkDir, $data, $log;
	$contents = "(:comment data:) \n\n$data(:comment data:) \n\n[[#Log]]
\n\n$log(:comment data:) \n\n";
	$page['text'] = $contents;
	WritePage($d, $page);

The solution has to be somewhere in these lines because they are all
that take the input values from the textarea to the wiki page.  Help?

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