[pmwiki-users] FAST Data 2.0 uploaded.

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Sep 21 14:58:50 CDT 2006

Hi Stirling,

There is quite a bit of discussion already on the FAST Data recipe
page but it's not always current (as it has had several changes in
syntax, etc).  Nor is it naturally organized in any useful way though
I have tried to categorize the different questions a bit.  Also, to be
honest I'm not really sure how to set it so I can be notified of
comments to the page, so I can't monitor it as well as I'd like.

Furthermore I wanted to be able to demonstrate how it works as much as
just put code up.  And the recipe is not enabled on PmWiki to make
that possible.  My thought was it would be easier for those who wanted
a little extra support for FAST Data to be able to search a forum of
FAQ's see the various features in action, be able to cut and paste
code snippets, etc.  I've been working on an upgrade to the FAST Data
demo site that will be extremely useful--and I think others will like
it.  I don't think trying to do all this within PmWiki is feasible.

Feel free to post a question on the recipe page if you prefer.  But
I'll be cleaning up the FAST Data forum soon--and I still think that
will be a better place to organize the information.


On 9/21/06, Stirling Westrup <sti at pooq.com> wrote:
> The Editor wrote:
> > I just haven't had time to update them (some of the markup has been
> > changed).  My plan is to put them all on the FAST Data demo site,
> > perhaps rewritten so they are cut and pastable.  And with a bit more
> > documentation.
> >
> I understand how this might be easier for you, but it makes it more
> difficult for prospective users if they have to visit
> yet-another-website while trying to figure out how to use your forms
> system. It would be very helpful to include a discussion section (or
> page) on the actual recipe page and direct folks to your website only
> for the most advanced topics.

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