[pmwiki-users] $PageCSSListFmt

JB jbit at ev1.net
Thu Sep 21 14:40:59 CDT 2006

Why does it need a file reference? Why not just a url to the css?

PM wrote:
> Here's the use case that $PageCSSListFmt is intended to solve:
>      A wiki administrator downloads and installs PmWiki, and also
>      downloads and installs a skin from the Cookbook.  However, the
>      administrator also needs some custom CSS to be loaded for
>      the entire site, and also needs some additional CSS to be
>      loaded only for pages in the XYZ group.
>      Of course, the wiki administrator doesn't want to modify
>      the PmWiki or skin distribution files, because that will
>      make things difficult for upgrading later.
>      To create the site-wide CSS, the administrator simply
>      creates a file called pub/css/local.css .  PmWiki automatically
>      detects that file and causes a stylesheet link for local.css
>      to be included in the HTML <head> section of the document.
>      For the per-group CSS, the administrator creates pub/css/XYZ.css .
>      When a visitor views a page in the XYZ group, PmWiki automatically
>      includes the stylesheet link to the XYZ.css in the <head> section.
> In summary, what we want to do is make it easy for a wiki adminstrator to
>    - add custom CSS to the output
>    - do this on a site-wide, per-group, or per-page basis,
>    - without having to modify any distributed skin or PmWiki files
> If you have a less complicated way to achive this, I'll be glad to hear it.

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