[pmwiki-users] Instant Messaging System

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Sep 20 21:03:06 CDT 2006

Hi all,

This email started out as "another php mindbender" but the problem I
had seems to have fixed itself inexplicably.  That was nice...

Anyway, decided to turn this into a success story.  Just got through
setting up an instant messaging system for my site that is going to be
really awesome.  Members set their own greetings message, can opt to
have messages logged or emailed, and every message comes with a link
back to the senders member profile page and message board.  Really
slick with styles and all.  It's all pretty much working right now

It also sets a count variable for each message--so when a person logs
in to the Members Area a little box appears on the side saying YOU
HAVE MESSAGES, telling how many and providing a link to check their
mail.  No messages, no box.  It took everything this recipe had, but
it did it.

It just takes one groupfooter.  And a couple bits of code on other
pages for things like alerts or a display sent mail page, etc.

What I thought would only take an hour or two took most of the day,
but it is sweet at last!  I still have some other work to do in my
forums and all before I can upgrade my production site, but hope to
get this all up and working at the demo site before the weekend.
We'll see.

I'll also release a bug freer version tomorrow, (with a couple new
features).  Thanks again to everyone for their help.  I'm really
excited about all this.  In case you can't tell.


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