[pmwiki-users] moving skins out of public access

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed Sep 20 17:10:10 CDT 2006

On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 04:46:35PM -0500, JB wrote:
> Question 1.
> So does $SkinLibDirs only specify where the "skin tmpl file" is 
> located, or does it also specify where the "skin css file" is 
> located?

It specifies both, as you correctly surmise in question 3.

> Question 2
> Why do you set the array's key to a server directory and the array's
> corresponding 
> value to a publicaly accessible URL?  

PmWiki needs to know the location of the .tmpl file so it can load
the template and begin processing it for page variables and page
contents.  The only way that PmWiki can access files is by directory name.

The visitor's browser needs to know where it can find .css, .gif, and
.jpeg files.  The only way a browser can obtain these files is by url.

> Question 3
> Is the key suppose to be where the "skin tmpl file" is located
> and the value suppose to be where the "skin css file" is located?

The key specifies the directories in which to look for the skin
.tmpl and skin.php files.

When PmWiki locates the skin (based on the key), the value specifies
the corresponding url to use for $SkinDirUrl in the template; i.e.,
it's the url prefix for .css and .gif images.

A template isn't required to use $SkinDirUrl; most templates
just do so for convenience.


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