[pmwiki-users] FAST Data possibilities

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Sep 20 14:33:53 CDT 2006

I appreciate the discussion on the possibilities of using FAST Data
for limited listserv capabilities.  Here is a bit more on what I'm
envisioning at this point, in light of various list members input:

1) Members create their account, using a verified email address.
2) Authenticated users can then add/drop their verified email address
to a mail list through a simple input form somewhere.
3) Optionally, an email could be sent out with a random number that
must be entered into the next page's form to verify email address
before it is added to the list.
4) Messages are only submitted through a web form (by logged in
authenticated users who are members of the list) and sent by email to
the list--perhaps individually through some kind of for each loop.
5) Each message would have a footer with a link they could use to
unsubscribe at any time (in a section of the site that requires member
6) With unsubscribes a confirmation email is sent.
7) I'd would have to deal with bounced mails manually.  But again,
we're talking small quantity, and only verified emails.

Much of this is already doable with FAST Data but there are a few new
features I'd have to add.  For personal sites, or for sites with many
small teams (like I'm trying to for mine) this would be much easier
than administering multiple maillists through MailMan or something.
With careful coding I could create one groupfooter and every page I
create in that group could be an instant mini-maillist.

Also, personally, I don't have time to learn all these different
software programs.  I'd like to focus on one that will do all I want,
and learn it well.  I really like PmWiki and think it could be a
simple foundation enabling teams to communicate.

What thinks you?


PS.  Procmail could be used to hook to a php script that might parse
an incoming email and transform it into a wiki page?  And are we
looking at something simple or complex?

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