[pmwiki-users] Cookbook - XesAuthUserDbase

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Wed Sep 20 14:08:28 CDT 2006

I finished version 0.1 of XesAuthUserDbase.

This is stand-alone MySQL authentication.  Postgresql support is not  
available (yet).

It incorporates AuthUserDBase, but requires more fields in the mysql  

It allows users to create their own accounts without admin involvement.

Users must validate their accounts via links they are sent in email.   
Instructions are on the site for admins to fix accounts if validation  
isn't working for a user (the link is long).

Users may change their passwords and email addresses.  They may also  
request password changes via a form, in case of a lost password, and  
validation is provided by email again.

I hope to have a demo site up sometime.  Let me know if the  
documentation is too vague.

Thank you,

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