[pmwiki-users] Problem with SideBar.

Mario St-Gelais mario.stg at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 20 13:45:53 CDT 2006

I have a site on PmWiki that works great (http:www.astj-outaouais.com).

For testing purposes, I copied the whole site on the same machine, but on a 
virtual host (192....:8050) so that I can fiddle around without messing the 

The SideBar looks like so :

%sidehead% Public
(:pagelist  group=Public name=Public.1* fmt=#title list=normal :)

%sidehead% Bénévoles
* [[Bibliotheque/Bibliotheque| Bibliothèque ]]
* [[Calendrier.|Calendrier]]
* [[SaviezVous.|Journal Le Saviez-vous]]
* [[ProcesVerbaux.|Procès Verbaux]]

(:if group Organisation:)
%sidehead% Organisation
(:pagelist  group=Organisation fmt=#title list=normal :)

+ other stuff I guess is irrelevant.

The pagelist refuses to list the pages.  Instead, the content of the page 
being visited is displayed and, depending on the page visited, repeated 
several times in the SideBar ???.  I don't understand. :-|  

Mario St-Gelais
Directeur régional adjoint
Brigade de bénévoles de l'Ambulance Saint-Jean, région 07
courriel:mario.stg at sympatico.ca
MSN:legrimpeur at msn.com

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