[pmwiki-users] Simple markup question...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Sep 20 13:37:56 CDT 2006

Thanks Pm. I tried something similar but must have been off a
character or two somewhere. Your's almost worked perfectly.

Perfectly in fact except when the content (in my case a page variable)
contains text with one or more line returns, which cause the markup to
fail.  Then of course, I still get all the html. (I notice this does
not seem to be true for [= =] and [@ @].  Can the markup you supplied
be modified to accommodate line returns, perhaps requiring quote marks
(if it would help) like (:keep "text...line breaks...text":)

    Markup('varkeep', '>{$var}',
     '/\\(:keep (.*?):\\)/e',

I appreciate your help.  I'll keep working on it.  Guess I need to
study more the markup engine first as I'm not sure it's clear to me
how it processes multiline sections of a page.  After I finish read a
good book and learn my own Expression Matching!


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