[pmwiki-users] Avoiding simultaneous edits

Ben Stallings Ben at InterdependentWeb.com
Wed Sep 20 09:09:40 CDT 2006

I set up a wiki for a University class to use in their group projects, 
at http://www.abundance-ecovillage.com/EnergyCourse .  For some reason 
they had trouble with the UserAuth passwords I gave them, so the prof 
asked me to remove all password-protection from the site.  It's now wide 
open to editing, and most of the students don't supply Author names when 
they edit pages.  (You could say they have a communal spirit, at least 
when it comes to course credit.)

They're having trouble now with simultaneous edits.  I had expected that 
the wiki would tell them when they tried to overwrite each other's work 
-- I've seen that message often enough just working on my own!  But it's 
not doing that... it just cheerfully overwrites any changes that have 
been made by other users.  My question: Is this due to...

a) the fact that they're not using Author names
b) the fact that they're on a Wi-Fi network and so all have the same IP 
c) the combination of a) and b)
d) some bug (or new feature I was unaware of!) in version 2.1.24

Thanks for any insight you can share!  --Ben

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