[pmwiki-users] Initial setup on IIS

Tom Lederer celok at gmx.net
Wed Sep 20 02:54:35 CDT 2006

Hi Charles,

the word lockfile appears on two pages:

 From the latter one:
"The normal solution is to simply delete the .flock file from the  
wiki.d/ directory -- PmWiki will then create a new one. Also be sure  
to check the permissions on the wiki.d/ directory itself."

Also take notice that usually the command to set permissions is  
listed as "chmod -R 777 wiki.d".

Try that, hope that helps.


Am 20.09.2006 um 06:49 schrieb Charles Little:

> Hello all-
> I've installed PmWiki on several flavors of *nix with no problems-  
> however, on IIS I'm getting a problem.  The wiki.d directory has  
> been changed to 777, but now the homepage complains that it can't  
> get a lockfile on pmwiki.php.  I didn't think that the process  
> tried to write to that file.
> Please help.
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