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Tue Sep 19 17:15:03 CDT 2006

I'd be in favor of a more structured, regular approach for the "miki" 
(wiki magazine) ... I think the structure would provide a more 
consistent and valuable archive that would help newbies to PmWiki learn 
about it's capabilities.  However, that approach would require one or 
more regular editors to compile articles into the various regular sections.

We could use Categories to create a pool of pending / approved articles, 
so in the near future hopefully the editor(s) have a large selection to 
choose from and will not be chasing down articles or having to write the 
magazine/"miki" itself. (BTW, is that name catching on yet? :) )  The 
editors then simply change the category to reflect the "issue" that the 
article appears in, and edit the Category home page to create the Table 
of Contents / overviews.

What "sections" would everyone like to see?  Interview, Success Story / 
Site Profile, Tech Tips, Q & A (perhaps taken from the mailing list, 
similar to what WebProNews does with their forums), and of course a 
Donate button in each issue for Pm ;)


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Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 02:15:51PM -0400, Crisses wrote:
>>> One concern is adding all these task to Pm's already busy plate.
>>> Others would have to step up to the plate.
>> I think other than interviewing PM for the flagship issue (*Grins*)  
>> it's not on his plate at all.  
> I like the idea of it not being on my plate.  I'm wondering if we
> need "issues" that are collections of articles, or if it's worthwhile
> to just have a new article published every week, with an appropriate
> announcement to the listservs.
> I'm open to either approach.
> Of course, there are several articles I'll likely want to write 
> (or, more accurately, to fetch out of the mailing list archives 
> and convert into an article).  But I'm really interested in hearing
> what others have done with/for PmWiki.
>> I'm up for interviewing someone, PM or being interviewed for an article.
> I'm always available for interviews, just send questions or
> arrange a time to contact me.  :-)
> Pm
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