[pmwiki-users] Simple markup question...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Sep 19 16:03:28 CDT 2006

With all the hairy coding I've been trying to do on FAST Data it's fun
to have a reasonably simple question to ask.

I use the following textarea markups to allow me to retrieve data into
a textbox.  (Temporarily until Pm rewrites the forms script).

Markup('textarea', 'inline', '/\\(:textarea (.*?):\\)/e',
"Keep(PSS(\"<textarea $1>\"))");
Markup('textareaend', 'inline', '/\(:textareaend:\\)/', '</textarea>');

On the page I write (:textarea FieldName:){$FieldName}(:textareaend:)

It works fine.  I can insert various text into the textarea box and it
is retrieved perfectly (using FAST Data of course). But unfortunately
when if I include markup code like colors, or something, into the
textarea box, the page variable saves properly and displays perfectly
in the page, but in the textbox it comes all messed up with html code.
Which keeps it from resaving.  Yuck.

Is there some way to either rewrite the textarea markup so the
FieldName can be retrieved without processing, or perhaps write a
custom markup for keeping it?

I tried:

Markup('keep', 'inline', '/\\(:keep (.*?):\\)/e', "Keep(PSS(\"$1\"))");

and changed my page code to

(:textarea FieldName:)(:keep {$FieldName}:)(:textareaend:)

But it still retrieved all the html markup.  Being able to do this
would be really nice!  Any thoughts?


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