[pmwiki-users] PmW Mag?

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Sep 19 12:21:29 CDT 2006

Hey, this is an exciting idea!  I love it.  PmMag could include
articles such as

1) comparing and contrasting various, similar recipes
2) why I chose PmWiki, or case studies
3) best practices for things like farms, security, etc.
4) major new releases/code changes, why, what they do

I can see how such articles could be extremely useful to a new
coder--if they were archived and searchable.  In fact these would
probably be the best place to look to see if something recent has been

Questions though:

How would these articles be submitted?
How would they be reviewed?
Would they be editable like other wiki pages?

The thing that makes a magazine useful is the editorial process.  It
seems some sort of process would need to be developed whereby articles
could be submitted, reviewed and discussed (on the mail list?), once a
consensus version is drafted, published.  Then, they should be
published in some sort of permanent form--though editing might be
desirable for updating articles.

One concern is adding all these task to Pm's already busy plate.
Others would have to step up to the plate.


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