[pmwiki-users] This time a disappearing $_POST

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Sep 19 04:25:38 CDT 2006

Thanks Crisses & Martin.  I did find the solution to this one.  I had
created a form (using FAST Data) in the footer used for admin stuff,
with buttons for things like edit, groupheaders and groupfooters,
group attributes and even page attributes, with little flags for each
to see if they existed, to help with editing my site.  (Also set it up
to test out the FAST Data "GoButtons" and it was so useful it stuck.
Nice feature).

Anyway, I had omitted the (:input end:) in the main page and therefore
the two forms ran together and conflicted. I did something like
Crisses suggested and I saw all the other fields coming through, and
that helped to solved the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions all.  I appreciate the help!  Now just
trying to get the edit feature working for comments and FAST Data 2.0
should be fully ready to go!  Today?


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