[pmwiki-users] This time a disappearing $_POST

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Sep 18 19:36:12 CDT 2006

Hi all!

Another excruciating PHP problem...  Why am I having these things happen?

I'm trying to debug the last little bit of the FAST Data recipe where
one of my form fields is not showing up.  For testing purposes I moved
the following two lines right to the top of the recipe.  Below that is
a copy of the forms markup that calls the recipe.

For some reason, when nextpage is the first form field, I get
F:nextpage V: P: returned to me through the Warning() function.  If I
put datapage first I get what I'm supposed to.  F:datapage V:Test.Copy
P:Test.Copy.  For the life of me I can't figure out why
$_POST[nextpage] keeps returning blank.  I've checked everything I can
think of.

$HandleActions['data'] = 'Data';
function Data() {
	foreach ($_POST as $field => $value) {
	Warning("F:$field V:$value P:$_POST[$field]");

(:input form:)
(:input hidden "nextpage" Test.Copy2:)
(:input hidden "datapage" Test.Copy:)
(:input hidden action data:)

Any suggestions you might be able to give would be appreciated. I've
tried double quotes and no double quotes.  I've commented out every
later instance of nextpage in the recipe, and it makes no difference.
I even rebooted my machine.  Nothing seems to help.  Ideas?


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