[pmwiki-users] PmW Mag?

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Mon Sep 18 16:24:26 CDT 2006

Henrik Bechmann wrote:
> Patrick,
> Have you considered adding an editor-reviewed, or even peer-reviewed 
> PmWiki magazine to pmwiki.org?
> It seems to me that PmWiki is a rich product with diverse capabilities 
> and applications, and a magazine style format might encourage people to 
> present information in a structured, in-depth manner.


Personally, while I like the idea (and I know this wasn't directed to me),
I would think that an online magazine would be sufficient... wiki style...
if it goes to press... fine... but I'd keep it on pmwiki.org (why not?).
... which may have been exactly what you were saying... the medium
is already there, just need content producers.

I think it might be nice to have someone (or more) create a best
of pmwiki-users for posterity.  That way things are summarized without
some of the experimental noise that happens while devising the
"best" way to approach a problem.  I think that would be beneficial.
In general we all have "best intentions" of documenting things, and
oddly enough a lot of good documentation is left inside of
the maillist (which is a bit too volatile and not easily read
after the fact).

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