[pmwiki-users] Getting started

Claus Futtrup Claus.Futtrup at tymphany.com
Mon Sep 18 14:00:45 CDT 2006

Dear all,

Again, please excuse my bone-head dumb questions.

Let's assume that Pmwiki can still load when I get there tomorrow. I'd
like to make a new site named "Handbook" for my wiki. I must have read
the manual 10 times or more. A WikiFarm is probably not my choice - is
it smart to define a WikiGroup for my handbook?

OK, so let's say I would like to make a WikiGroup named Handbook. What
loads right now is the PmWiki sites ... where should I add the famous
link to my Handbook ... in the sandbox? ... is that really smart? I
mean, during an upgrade PmWiki will overwrite all the PmWiki distributed
files (potentially), right?

Even though the PmWiki suggests that you can type a sub-address into
your browser directly (with no links from PmWiki) this seems not to be
the recommended way ... please guide me, should I do it anyway? What
should I do? Sorry for being confused about this.

Afterwards, when my "Handbook" is started ... how will people access
this site directly - without a cryptic browser address and without
having to go through an irrelevant PmWiki documentation (Sandbox) page?
Please enlighten my - if you prefer links to a FAQ or so, that's fine
with me :)

Best regards,
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