[pmwiki-users] SOLVED: Case of vanishing FmtPV

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Sep 18 10:37:59 CDT 2006

FANTASTIC!  It worked.  Americo--you are a genius (one of several on
this mailist).

Thanks again!  Hope to have FAST Data 2.0 up very soon.


On 9/18/06, Américo Albuquerque <aalbuquerque at lanowar.sytes.net> wrote:
> Hello
> This works because PHP transforms the constant hi into the string "hi".
> You probably get a notice on your webpage if you have it set on your php.ini
> The correct way would be $FmtPV['$logid'] = "'hi'";
> Notice the quotes inside the double quotes
>  > $FmtPV['$logid'] = GetLog($d,$_GET[logid]);
> Your error is here. You have to think inside the string. For this to
> work you have to add quotes around it, something like:
> $FmtPV['$logid'] = "'" . GetLog($d,$_GET[logid]) . "'";
> This way the variable will have  a string inside
> Regards,
> Américo Albuquerque

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